Rest days are a critical part of training. Whether you are training for a marathon, a fitness competition, or just general health, you need to take time off. Remember, the body grows outside of the gym. A rest day doesn’t just mean you need to sit at home on the couch! Go to the beach, hit an easy run or bike ride. There are many different things we could do that we refer to as active recovery! This active recovery is even better for damaged bodies than just time away from the gym. Eat well, get plenty of sleep and train hard! Listen to your body and when it needs time to recharge, let it!


1.) Dynamic Stretch

2.) Bench Press Prep

3.) Daily Training:


Bench Press/ Wall Ball

* Same weight on all bench sets

4.)Max distance row: 5 min

2 thoughts on “1-10-13

  1. What is weight in bench?

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