Ok gang! I wanted to take a few minutes to talk about injuries. And specifically, Exercise Related injuries. The fact of the matter is, they happen. We work like hell to prevent them and minimize our chances of them occurring, but with our high frequency of training they still creep up on us.

There are several things we should be doing, to try to fight these injuries off:
1) technique, technique, TECHNIQUE!
– performing exercises properly, no matter how basic they might seem is critical to not only getting the maximum physical adaptation, but staying important to staying injury free.
2) consistency in correct mechanics before loading.
– properly perform the lifts and be able to do so regularly. Slowly start to add weight and resistance. As the body adapts and mechanics continue to become engrained as consistent movement patterns, you are clear to add loading and chase prescribed weights.
3) when an injury occurs…ADDRESS IT!
– guys injuries are going to happen to us. We have all experienced them! The more we pay attention to rules 1 on 2, the less likely we are to have them. But, the higher the volume, the higher the chance. When it does happen guys, take notice. Make sure you take necessary precautions and modifications as necessary. Treatment is a must! Whether its compression, ice, heat or time off…something has to be done. If you don’t know how to handle it, please come talk to me. We will develop a plan and pay close attention to progress.

If an injury occurs and over time and proper care it does not improve, it’s time to go get expert advise. You know…. You’re doctor! X-rays or MRIs may be required to truly get to the bottom of what’s going on.

Keep up the hard work guys and if anything comes up please let us know! Here is a good link with some pretty solid info.


1) Warm Up Run

2) Dynamic Stretch

3) Movement Prep

4) Conditioning

20 lunge and press
20 American swings
20 DB single arm floor presses
1 lap run

4 rounds timed

1 thought on “2-21-13

  1. What is the single arm press? Is it like a push up?

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