How To Start

1st, All individuals new to ‘CrossFit’ are required to complete our OnRamp program before getting started!

2nd, There are no prerequisites for starting the Hyperfit program, and you do NOT need to complete OnRamp

3rd, Individuals looking to join with prior CrossFit experience can join under any of the available membership options.

Any of these options would work for getting started in our program! The best thing you could do is come in for a class to see first hand what we are about! Any level of fitness is welcome! No sport or exercise background is required!

All new members go through our 6 session on-ramp program. These 6 sessions are one on one with trainer and are designed to prepare you for group sessions. If you would like to test of the 6 initial sessions you can request to take our movement assessment right away. If you are cleared, you can advance into the group sessions. The 6 PT On-Ramp program costs $200. Athletes who finish the 6 sessions quickly are able to join the classes for the remainder of the month at no additional charge. At that point, athletes can enter in to our standard contract packages.

-Give us a call: 831-676-3541

-Send us an email:

-Come Stop by during business hours



3 thoughts on “How To Start

  1. Is it possible to set something up for a Monday or Tuesday to visit your facility. Know of your facility thru the web site and Angie Telles…would like to see all that is offered. Thanks

    1. For sure! Call 831-431-0581, to schedule a time to come in! Look forward to meeting you!

  2. Hi,

    I’m interested to start crossfit again. I had a few questions.
    1. Will I need to do On- ramp again if I’ve done it at another crossfit box?
    2. Do you offer teacher discounts?
    3. What are the membership prices for same household couples?

    Thanks so much! I hope to join soon!

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